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Silicone Stretchy Lids

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Product information:
  • 【Safety】 Made of 100% food-grade organic silicone material, the set includes 6pcs of elastic fresh-keeping covers, which gives enough flexibility to ensure a sealed container, super high temperature and low-temperature resistance and importantly to ensure food safety
  • 【Easy to use】6 sizes and specifications, with sufficient flexibility, put it on the utensil when using it, and stretch the cover a little, which is convenient for assembly and disassembly. Be careful to avoid slipping when stretching the rubber cover, by ensuring that the cover has no oil and water on the edges of hands and sealed containers
  • 【Maintenance】 Use boiling water for cleaning and disinfection when using it for the first time. Do not contact with sharp objects during use and storage to prevent damage; easy to clean and can be reused
  • 【Uses】6pcs silicone stretchy lids in 6 different sizes, made for sealing and preserving food in most sizes of bowls, cups, jars, bottles, pans, pots, etc. It can also be used to seal and preserve fruits and vegetables cut surfaces.
  • Easy to clean and store, nice for daily use
  • Using high-grade silicone, no deformation or fading, is healthy
  • Durable, reusable and eco-friendly
  • Keeps food fresh and odor-free inside refrigerators, microwave ovens, electric ovens, and dishwashers
  • Super flexible, stable and anti-skid


Material: Silicone
Weight: approx. 120g
Diameter: 6.5cm/2.6in; 9.5cm/3.7in; 11.5cm/4.5in; 14.5cm/5.7in; 16.5cm/6.5in; 20.5cm/8.3in
Package Include: 1 * 6 Pcs Silicone food covers