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Portable Mini Thermal Label Bluetooth Printer

Original price $8.30 - Original price $83.70
Original price
$8.30 - $83.70
Current price $59.50
Product information:

Item: Pocket Thermal Printer
Material: ABS
Color: white, pink, blue, yellow, green
Product size: 87mm×90mm×40mm
Connection method: Bluetooth
Print type: inkless printing
Printing technology: thermal printing
Compatible system: Android 4.4/iOS8.0 and above
Power supply mode: lithium battery
Battery capacity: 1000mAh

  • This is a mini pocket printer that does not require ink, easy to carry, capable of printing images and text. It supports various specifications of label printing.
  • The independently developed app is more suitable for foreign users' usage habits.
  • The app supports 10 languages (Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Thai, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese)
  • Suitable for foreign trade print requirements
  • Apple iOS, Android compatible with mobile Bluetooth link
  • Built-in high-quality lithium battery
Model and Size Information:

Green (including a roll of 1-meter sticky paper)
Pink (including a roll of 1-meter sticky paper)
White (including a roll of 1-meter sticky paper)
Blue (including a roll of 1-meter sticky paper)
Yellow (including a roll of 1-meter sticky paper)
All green (including a roll of 1-meter sticky paper)
Transparent Printer paper: 3 rolls 50mm*3.5m 20-year transparent black letter thermal adhesive
Style A: 50mm * 3.5m 10-year white background with black lettering thermosensitive adhesive (Sticky paper
Style B: 53mm * 6.5m 5-year-old yellow, pink, and blue background with black lettering on regular thermal paper (non-adhesive)
Style C: 50mm * 3.5m 20-year green, purple, orange with black lettering 
thermosensitive adhesive (Sticky paper)
Blue set: Blue printer +4 rolls Sticky paper
Green set: Green printer +4 rolls Sticky paper
Pink set: Pink printer +4 rolls Sticky paper
White set: White printer +4 rolls Sticky paper
Yellow set: Yellow printer +4 rolls Sticky paper

Packing list: Printer *1