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Portable Electric Fan Mini Heater

Original price $33.25 - Original price $37.75
Original price
$33.25 - $37.75
Current price $35.50
Product information:

Item: Mini Electric Fan Heater
Rated voltage: 220V
Size: 12cm X 11.5cm X 21cm (L x W x H)
Heating method: Ceramic heating
Heat output: 800W - 1200W
Colors: White, Blue, Green

  • Intelligent Constant Temperature: Ceramic PTC with Aluminum Heating Plate emits heat evenly by releasing continuously surging heat, thus efficiently converting heat energy, providing instant 1 second fast heating and 40℃ safe constant temperature; just on and hot!
  • High Quality air volume output: Carefully designed efficient Convection Air duct reduces the wind noise to blow farther and dissipate heat rapidly.
  • Anti-Flame security: The flame retardant enclosure has PP material can inhibit any flame giving retardancy and thus a fire protection
  • Quiet and Portable: The low-noise heater allows you to sleep well, read well, and work well in the cold winter.
  • Perfect space heater for your home, office, bedroom, kitchen and other personal spaces.
Packing list:Heater *1