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Polarized HD Night Vision Glasses

Polarized HD Night Vision Glasses


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Product information: 
  • Item: Night Vision Anti-Glare Glasses
  • Lenses Optical Attribute: HD Polarized, UV400, Anti-Reflective, Gradient, Photochromic
  • Gender: Men/Women
  • Frame Material: Alloy
  • Lens material: TAC
  • Anti-UV level: UV400
  • Package Size: 100 x 100 x 100 mm
  • Multipurpose High Quality - Usable while Driving, Climbing, Riding, Skiing, the TAC Glasses help you to see better and minimize the risk of driving in cloudy, snowy, or rainy days. The one size fits all driving lenses fit right over prescription glasses. These Anti Glare Polarized Glasses for Men and Women have Scratch Resistant Polarized Lenses and cool modern design with reinforced metal hinges that are durable enough for long time everyday use. Polarized Yellow coating blocks blue light that causes night-time glare.
  • Night driving - Driving at night becomes safer with these night vision driving glasses featuring anti-reflective coating that dulls harsh bright lights & headlights. It brightens the road up to 45%, blocking the glare from the car ahead.
  • Rainy day driving - These glasses also help with driving in the rain! Anti-glare glasses also work with LED and halogen lights. Perfect for dusk, dawn, night & dark cloudy days, increase visibility, reduce blurring caused by rain and promotes safe driving. 
  • Fog driving - enhances the visibility of the outside world, reduces the hazy feeling caused by fog and enhances driving safety. These eyeglasses reduce glare & enhances clarity while driving. 
  • Travel driving - 100% UV protection with UV400 for both UVA and UVB radiation, protecting your eyes against long-term UV damage and keeping your eyes healthy when you go out, improve visual clarity, eliminate eye fatigue.
  • Suitable at all times: for any climate and weather conditions, they are great for driving, ski, golf, cycling, running, fishing, biking, motorcycle, camping, hunting, and all outdoor sports and activities.
  • Great Gift: They are also a wonderful gift idea for your Family and Friends.

Package: Polarized Night Glasses x 1

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