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Electronic Pop Bubble Fidget Toy

Electronic Pop Bubble Fidget Toy


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Product information:
  • Item: Electronic Pop Bubble Fidget 
  • Material: High grade Silicone
  • Power input: 3 AAA batteries
  • Fast Push Bubble Game Fidget: Quick Push Toy with Lights, the ultimate game for kids! This fast push bubble game will improve their concentration and hand-eye coordination while providing endless hours of fun and excitement.
  • Excellent Design and Safe Material: Unique design that can be held for a long time without causing pain to your hands when you enjoy the game. It is made of high-quality silicone and the adjustable volume can be reduced to silence it.
  • 4 Fun Game Modes: Breakthrough Mode and Memory Mode - Remember the randomly lit bubbles and tap the bubbles quickly and correctly to pass each level, if you tap wrong, it's game over. multiplayer mode - Support for timed challenges and PK levels. Each mode has different difficulty levels, helps to exercise children's reaction speed and memory, competition and cooperation.
  • Easy to Carry: Take this compact and lightweight game console wherever you go! Designed for hassle-free portability, it's perfect for keeping kids entertained during long journeys or waiting times. Simply put into your bag or tote, and you're ready for a world of on-the-go excitement.
  • Perfect Christmas Gift Idea: The adjustable volume and attractive sound effects enhance the gaming experience, ensuring an interactive and enjoyable time for your little ones. It's also portable and suitable for indoor/outdoor use, making it a perfect pocket game for kids on the go.

Package: Electronic Pop Fidget x 1

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